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About COAM

This site is exclusively dedicated to listing Montana campgrounds accurately – by city, by geographic location, by Country – you name it; we’re trying to include it.

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Benefits to Members

We offer, free of charge, information to Internet visitors to view your campground online – a Virtual Tour of your campground.

Our primary goal is to make our website the premier website dedicated to campground and RV parks in the state of Montana. There is a ‘Members Only’ portion where you can maintain your COAM listing in real time – when you hit the ‘CONFIRM CHANGES’ button, the changes are immediately reflected on the website. You don’t get that kind of service with Travel Montana’s website!

Membership in COAM is very inexpensive – a mere $50 per year. With your paid membership, your facility will be listed on the website, complete with your own META description and keywords listing for search engine registration, if you wish. You will have your own unique ID for use with Search Engine Registration, if you would like.  Your campground listing may have up to two images of your facility, a description of your property, directions, local weather in your city, the type of payments you accept, amenities & rentals you may offer, and probably most important – a reservation request form which will be emailed directly to you!!  Where can you find that type of value for $50/year?

A portion of your paid membership goes to maintenance of our website. Other portions are used for our annual campground directory, where paid members appear each year.  This directory is mailed to all who inquire FREE OF CHARGE!

Letter from Former COAM President

Jack Clarkson is the former President of COAM and is the owner of West Yellowstone’s Madison Arm Resort.

“The Campground Owners Association of Montana (COAM) is your voice in matters related to State Tourism in general, and Campgrounds in particular.  COAM is a member on the Montana Tourism Coalition. One of our officers usually sits on the board of directors of that organization.

As a Campground owner you are a representative of our great state to those who have chosen to vacation in Montana, and serve as ambassadors of good will to many visitors each year. There is uniqueness to owning and operating a Campground, and each of our members has amusing or interesting stories to share about their encounters. We are looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

We have a general membership meeting each year in the spring and gather together to discuss legislative matters that affect us, and other topics that concern us as Campground Owners.

We will do our best to make information about the wonderful camping opportunities in our state available to the general public, and to keep you informed of matters related to our Campground businesses.”

To Become a Member

Please take a moment to look at our website and considering joining. Links are provided throughout the website for joining COAM. A simple form to fill out and you will be on your way to improving your campground’s visibility and increasing reservations.

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