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Missoula Montana Campgrounds

Missoula, at the mouth of Hellgate Canyon, straddles the route the Salish Indians traveled to reach the Great Plains to hunt buffalo. Lewis and Clark later followed the same route through the canyon and camped west of its entrance on the site of present-day Missoula.

Situated on the banks of the Clark Fork River, Missoula is home to the University of Montana and its Performing Arts and Radio-Television Center. This 10,000 student campus includes the 22,000-acre Lubrecht Experimental Forest, northeast of the city.

Missoula is known as the cultural, retail and medical hub of western Montana. The Clark Fork River runs through the downtown area which features many classic early-century buildings.

Of significance is the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula and its 12 structures.

Missoula is a starting point for connections to the Flathead and Bitterroot valleys.

Montana Snowbowl and Marshall ski areas provide winter recreation nearby as well as summer chairlift rides.

Missoula celebrates several major events, including the International Wildlife Film Festival in April, Valley Oop! and International Choral Festival in July, United People’s Powwow and Encampment and Western Montana Fair in August.

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