Camping in Missouri River, Montana

With a vast cache of natural beauty, excellent fishing, and few crowds, Missouri River Country in northeast Montana is an ideal place for camping. With a variety of campsites for all different kinds of travelers, the Missouri River will appeal to fishing enthusiasts, hikers, mountain bikers, and anyone else wishing to see one of the most serene parts of the country.

Tent campers will have the most options here. From dispersed camping in federal lands to quaint campsites in private campgrounds, you will enjoy the most variety when you plan on pitching a tent. In addition to the lands restricted to only tent camping, many of the RV parks in the region also host soft-sided camping, and backpackers can benefit from the extreme solitude they will be privy to whether traveling on foot, bike, or canoe.

Because the region is known for its excellent hunting and fishing, many of the RV parks in the area cater specifically to those wishing to participate. In addition to offering safe, legal, and practical sites to dock your RV, they frequently also have a small general store with supplies, bait, and can sometimes even help you get a hunting or fishing license.

And for those who want to experience the stark-white cliffs and vast plains of Missouri River Country but eschew traditional camping, several facilities rent cabins that offer a bit more comfort. Different sites will offer different facilities, but you’re more likely to find comforts like hot water, power, and wifi at places like this. Renting a cabin can be a great option for families looking to introduce young children to the wild beauty of northeast Montana.

This page contains a list of all campgrounds, RV parks, and cabin rentals in Missouri River Country, Montana.

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