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Custer’s Big Mistake Was Coming Here. Yours Would Be Not To

From the legends of the American West to the dinosaurs that once ruled the earth, the wide-open spaces of Southeast Montana are like the open pages of a history book.

Lots of places like to talk about history. But unfortunately, most of them don’t have much of a history. Southeast Montana is steeped in remarkable events from its very beginnings.

Custer. Sitting Bull. Crazy Horse. Names synonymous with the American West. And they all met at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Southeast Montana.

Lewis & Clark’s journey from 1804 to 1806 was called the “Corps of Discovery.” Today, you can make many of your own discoveries by following Lewis & Clark’s route through Southeast Montana.

The history of this area’s native peoples is alive and well. The Cheyenne Nation and the Crow Nation are filled with historic attractions and artifacts, as well as unique cultural events such as pow wows. Medicine Rocks State Park, between Baker and Ekalaka, was once a sacred place for the Plains Indians. Pictograph Cave National Historic Landmark just outside of Billings features original pictograph paintings hundreds of years old. Chief Plenty Coups State Park is dedicated to the memory of the Crow Nation’s legendary chief who worked for peace.

If you don’t want to forge your own trail, follow one of Southeast Montana’s “Trails to Destiny,” which include Custer’s Last March, the Indian Trail to Little Bighorn, the Custer Trail, and the Nez Perce Trail (led by Chief Joseph), Dinosaurs once ruled the earth, and at Makoshika State Park and other dinosaur fossil dig sites in Southeast Montana, they still rule.

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