Camping in Southwest Montana

There are many different types of campsites all over southwestern Montana that all have different facilities. Some have lavishly maintained hot springs and spas, while some are little more than a plot of land where you can boondock your RV. Home to natural hot springs, mountains, rivers, and lakes southwest Montana has a unique natural bounty, and there are hundreds of campsites within it to host you for your holiday.

Camping on land maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is very popular and encouraged in the region. While overnight boondocking on BLM land requires no reservation and is completely free, there are rules you must follow in order not to damage the environment. To find out what land is available for dispersed camping, you can contact the Dillon Field Office which manages public lands in southwest Montana.

There is also some free camping available in southwest Montana in National Forests and other lands managed by the state and federal government. Facilities and rules can vary, as some of them are filled on a first-come basis, and some require a reservation in advance.

Several private camping options are available, with sites ranging from elaborate facilities with restaurants and wifi to rustic grounds with beautiful scenery. Most require both a reservation and a fee, with some properties charging by the camper and some by the campsite.

If you’re bringing your RV, be sure to double-check that the campsite of your choice can accommodate you, particularly if your vehicle is extraordinarily long, wide, or tall. While most sites equipped to host RVs will have universal hook-ups to attach to your onboard water, power, and sewer systems, they may not have the physical space to hold you if your camper is extraordinarily large. Best to check in advance than be disappointed.

This page contains a list of all campgrounds, RV parks, and cabin rentals in Southwest Montana.

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